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Meet the Team

At International language centre, we are dedicated to making the school a supportive, friendly and inspiring learning environment. The staff is well trained to offer you the best service. We look forward to meeting you at our school.


ILC Team

Executive Director


Hi! I’m Maryam

I have had a varied and exciting career teaching English as a Second Language over eight years, both abroad and here in the UK.  As a teacher, I have experience teaching learners from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds (my students currently come from Europe, the Middle East, Africa, South America and China.) I have also taught students at a wide range of levels from elementary to advanced and have prepared students for the IELTS exam. My own experience as a second language learner has helped me to empathise with my students and to respond to their needs positively and sympathetically. I also feel that I am a patient, enthusiastic and flexible practitioner.  My academic and teaching qualifications reflect my passion for the English language, literature and culture. While I have the equivalent of Maths and English GCSEs, I also have a BA in English Linguistics and an MA in English Literature. Continuing my interest in the English language, I have completed two modules (sixty credits/a third) in an MA in TESOL from Northumbria University. I also have the CELTA qualification, which played a key part in my professional development. The certificate helped me to become a more reflective practitioner and particularly made me realise the importance of differentiation in lesson planning and classroom practice.

Academic Manager


Hi! I’m Rebecca.
I am an ESOL teacher at ILC teaching both General English and Occupational English Test Preparation classes.

I gained my TEFL certification from the International TEFL Academy, Chicago in 2019 and I have taught English for over a year in Newcastle. Prior to this, I studied English Language and Literature at university in Edinburgh.

My classes are designed to be as interactive as possible with each class covering all skill bases: grammar, speaking, reading, writing and listening. As I believe it is important to enjoy learning, I follow models of experiential and cooperative learning within a student-led, inquiry-guided classroom. I believe this allows for maximum flexibility within the classroom allowing each individual student to reach their maximum language learning potential.

Marketing Assistant


Hi I am Mabel,

I moved to Newcastle in 2012 and I have lived here ever since, I came to learn English and fell in love with this city and its people.  Prior to this, I studied Business and Marketing in Valencia – Spain. I began working in the education industry in 2017 and the most gratifying aspect is meeting YOU! Students from all over the world who are excited to have one of the best experiences here.

I work in the Marketing Department, making sure that if you want to learn English in the UK, you can find us and be part of this family.

One of the most important parts of my job is your well-being as I am one of the welfare officers at the School.

As I came to learn English in Newcastle I know how important the social life and practising English out of the classroom environment is! I promise that you will have the best time learning in Newcastle.

I am really friendly and always happy to help you with any problems  😊.

Looking forward to meeting you!





Hiya! I’m Halima and I’m from Newcastle upon Tyne. 
I’m one of the teachers here at International Language Centre, and I teach at many different levels. 
My lessons are focused on making you a better speaker of English, I like to be practical, and hands-on, so we’ll do a lot of grammar, vocabulary, speaking, situational-based exercises and many other fun ways to build your confidence. 
Language is a passion of mine and I aim to make your experience learning English easy, exciting and enjoyable and I’m confident that I can help you achieve your language learning goal. 
So, if you’re eager to learn then pop into the school and have a chat with one of our friendly staff. 
We’d love to see you!



Hi, my name’s Luke and I’m a TEFL/TESOL teacher from the North East of England. 

I moved away from Newcastle in 2016 after getting my teaching qualification and spent four years living and working in Vietnam. My professional career saw me become the Head Teacher at an English centre for one of the country’s largest language learning companies. I was also a teacher trainer for a special test prep course.

Apart from teaching I really enjoyed immersing myself in the culture while I explored the country and met lots of new people. 

Moving to a new country can be a challenge, as I experienced when I first arrived in Vietnam, so I can empathise with students who have done the same and are learning English here. Communication is so important and I feel very proud to be helping those people who are on their own language journey!

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We are passionate about language learning and aim to provide professional, qualified teaching in a relaxed atmosphere. Our social activities and afternoon/ evening programmes are a mixture of local North East and Central of Newcastle activities and weekend excursions.

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