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What our Students say about our classes at the International Language Centre, Newcastle Upon Tyne.


What Our Students Say

“Thank you ILC! The time at the classes passes quickly because they are active.
I enjoyed and had fun attending the classes. It is not only learning; it is like a family. This is how they made me feel.
The teachers are very friendly, qualified, and kind.
Thank you again for everything.
Best wishes.”



“I think the teachers are great, they have a lot of positive things, for example they are patient, outgoing and generous. The most important thing is they help their students, they know what we need to improve our English.
When I am in class, I feel very happy and comfortable. The students come from different countries and we do social activities where we get to know each other and have fun.”



“A unique experience of study, encouragement and integrated teamwork”

“After coming to Newcastle, I decided to study English, so I applied to the International Language Centre, its great location, very close to the Newcastle  city centre, and close to my residence, as well as near transportation, shops and restaurants. The reception was excellent, I studied two weeks and I got to know friends from everywhere and enjoyed, and the teachers are very competent, and they use various activities to communicate information, in those days we celebrated national holidays such as the International Food Day and birthdays for colleagues and teachers. We used to have meetings that helped us speak and improve our language. I loved studying here and the atmosphere in the school, so I decided to stay longer, 2 weeks became almost 4 months.”



“Perfect place to learn English. Lovely, friendly, and amazing people together!

The teachers have a lot of knowledge in their area. Their speaking is so clear, and I could understand them very well and keep focus in all the lessons.

We made many different learning practices such as writing, watching videos, speaking, debating, etc. We had fun while we learnt something new every day.

My experience here has been wonderful. This class has been the first one which has impressed me that much.”



“It is a very friendly place, in which you are not “just a student” so they try to help you better than they can. I really like the teaching method because the teacher is very supportive and at the lessons you talk even about everyday life or what happens in the world. If you are searching for a school where you can learn or improve your English skills, I absolutely recommend it”



“Without a doubt 100% recommended! The teachers are very good and at the reception they explain everything phenomenal and help you in everything. Besides being very professional, they are very nice and there is a very good atmosphere. I learned a lot and I am very grateful to all your staff, especially Maryam”.


Costa Rica

Great Classes, Fantastic Teachers. I Personal learnt a lot, expanded my English Level. Hurray, I  highly recommend it.”



International Language Centre’s IELTS classes are incredible. The significant part of the IELTS class is the teacher. She is brilliant. The centre is accessible to public transport and has its own car park. The reception is friendly and helpful.



It is great to study in International Language Centre. I have improved my English a lot since I started my IELTS course. I feel more confident and ready to try IELTS test. Thank you ILC team.



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